PULSE 300 Series

The new PULSE 300 Series door operators are designed to add reliable power and speed performance to your commercial overhead door. These Direct Drive DC operators are loaded with features and programmable options, and are easy to install, operate and maintain. Fast, powerful and quiet, PULSE 300 Series operators are an ideal solution for balanced doors up to 1500 lb./500 ft2 and light springless applications.
PULSE 300 Series


High Power DC Motors

High Power DC Motors

We use 90V horsepower rated DC motors ranging from 1/2 HP to 1 HP, combined with gearboxes available in multiple sizes and ratios to ensure optimal strength and speed for your commercial applications.

Programmable open & close speeds

Dynamic Speed Control

Simply set the desired RPM shaft output or door speed in inches/second, and this operator takes care of the rest. Thanks to its intelligent encoder measuring both position and speed, the PULSE 300 monitors and maintains its output speed precisely. The operator can reach opening speeds up to 24”/s, and closing speeds up to 16”/s.

Door Lock Activation

Door Lock Activation

Third party door locks can be connected with ease. Once installed and selected, the operator activates the unlock function prior to opening and the lock function at full close. Settings for this feature include an adjustable door motion delay from 100 to 500ms to ensure optimal functionality and performance. Compatible with most 24V automatic locking systems.

Built-in Battery Backup

Built-in 24V Battery Backup

If power fails, the included 9Ah batteries takeover for continued door function. The door will operate normally, but more slowly, until power is restored or the batteries reach low power. At low power, regular door function is aborted to conserve battery life, and the door stays in the pre-selected ‘Last Cycle’ position, working only via the panel push buttons with push and hold protocols initiated. A built-in trickle charger ensures that the batteries are always charged and ready. If the batteries become fully drained or go missing, a crackshaft socket is provided for mechanical backup.

Adjustable soft start/soft stop

Adjustable Soft Start/Soft Stop

This feature offers smooth, controlled acceleration and deceleration of the door, and helps prolong the life of its mechanical parts. It also aids in the prevention of cable throw. The distance of both the acceleration and deceleration can be programmed to match the door requirements as needed.

Intelligent force monitoring

Intelligent Force Monitoring

Should the door hit an obstruction or become jammed, the system will sense the change in force and stop the open operation or reverse the close operation to avoid further damage. This integrated feature virtually eliminates the need for third-party safety edges.

Programmable Closing Timer

Programmable Closing Timer

Set your door to automatically close after a selectable 1 - 99 seconds open delay.

Maintenance Schedule

Set a maintenance reminder that is displayed on the LCD after a selected number of door operator cycles. Factory default is set to 250K cycles (for motor brush replacement), but can be modified in 100K increments. Use this function to initiate a maintenance program that can ensure the long-term health of your commercial door and operator.

Door Balance Check

PULSE door openers feature a balance check menu option. Once selected, the door automatically moves through one complete cycle and reports on the LCD the difference in force required to open the door versus closing it. Use this data to verify proper door balance without needing to remove the operator, and take the guesswork out of door balancing. A properly balanced door will extend the life of the door springs and maximize battery backup performance.

Door Close Warning

When the closing timer is on, this feature will activate the red light on your traffic signal in advance of the door closing. Programmable from 1 to 9 seconds, use this safety feature as an early warning for your workers. Best used with iControls®'s LED Stop & Go traffic lights.

Reliable & Precise Encoder

Thanks to its intelligent encoder measuring both position and speed, the PULSE 300 operator monitors and maintains its output speed precisely. Mounted on the top of the gearbox, the encoder allows for easy, fool-proof limit setup, and easy left or ride side mounting of the operator. It also facilitates advanced functionality of the door including soft start/soft stop, dual open limits and motion monitoring - if the door stops moving during its cycle, the encoder senses the lack of motion and halts operation to avoid any added damage to the operator and/or door. The encoder will also monitor the position of the door when the operator is being used in battery backup mode - no need to reset the encoder when the power returns.

Weather-Protect Option

iControls® recommends an available upgrade for all Car Wash/Weather Resistant applications. Standard PULSE operator motors are rated IP44, and could be vulnerable to water ingress. Furthermore, reflective photo-eye sensors can be affected by condensation on the reflector, preventing reliable operation in such conditions. iControls® offers a cost-effective weather-resistant upgrade that seals ingress points on the motor junction box, and includes a NEMA 4X through-beam sensor in place of a reflective photo-eye.
To order the weather-protect option, add the suffix "-WP" to the door operator part number.



  • Motors available in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 HP


  • 110V–240V AC, 1Ph

Gearbox Ratio Usage

  • The 40:1 ratio is recommended for most balanced commercial applications.
  • The 30:1 ratio is better suited for higher speed balanced requirements.
  • The 50:1 ratio is recommended when using pusher/bumper springs.
  • If you have a light springless door application, contact us for recommendations.

Safety Standards

  • Compliant with UL 325 Safety Requirements

Compatible Door Types

  • Sectional
  • Rolling Steel/Grill
  • Fabric
  • Sliding
  • Springless (for light applications only)


  • Left, right hand, or mid-shaft

Duty Cycle

  • Continuous duty


  • 2 years/1M cycles

Model Selection Chart

Model No.Motor HPGearboxShaft SizeMax Door Weight (lb.)Door Size (ft2)
SizeRatioDRUM D400-144DRUM D525-216DRUM D800-384
PDC-350-1-301/25030:11"750*599395Up to 200
PDC-350-1-401/25040:11"750*799526Up to 200
PDC-350-1-501/25050:11"750*998658Up to 200
PDC-375-1-303/46330:11"750*900593Up to 350
PDC-375-1-403/46340:11"750*1200791Up to 350
PDC-375-1-503/46350:11"750*1500989Up to 350
PDC-375-1.25-303/47530:11.25"N/A**899593Up to 350
PDC-375-1.25-403/47540:11.25"N/A**1200791Up to 350
PDC-375-1.25-503/47550:11.25"N/A**1499988Up to 350
PDC-3100-1-4016340:11"750*1500*1053Up to 500
PDC-3100-1.25-3017530:11.25"N/A**1199791Up to 500
PDC-3100-1.25-4017540:11.25"N/A**1500*1054Up to 500
PDC-3100-1.25-5017550:11.25"N/A**1500*1318Up to 500
Note: Maximum door weight based on counter balanced standard lift sectional door drum capacities. Operator lift capacity exceeds drum capacity.
*Maximum allowable weight for this drum.
**DRUM D400-144 is only available in 1" shaft.

What’s Included

Backup Batteries

Backup Batteries

Reflective Photo Eye

Reflective Photo Eye

Installation and Support

Optional Accessories

Push Button Stations

Push Button Stations

Remote Activation Device

Remote Activation Devices

NEMA 4X Through-Beam Sensors

NEMA 4X Through-Beam Sensors

LED Stop & Go Traffic Lights

LED Stop & Go Traffic Lights