LED Stop & Go Communication Controllers

For added safety at your loading dock, we offer a Stop & Go Light Communication Controller. This control panel provides reliable interlocked signalling between itself and the exterior traffic light, offering a clear indication of the loading and unloading status to truck drivers and dock personnel.

Stop & Go Light Communication Controller

Different variations of this controller are available. The standard model has a 3 position selector switch and features an input for a 24Vdc Sensor/Switch (proximity or other to signal choice of door, dock or restraint position). This controller can be operated either manually or in auto-mode. Another, more basic version of the LCP Controller has a 2 position selector with no input, for simple, manual red/green operation.

The LCP-200 series measure ~10.5”x8.5”x5”, and features a large, easily visible rectangular 18-LED lights (~2.25”x5”) for dependable traffic control. They can reliably communicate with any manufacturer’s exterior 24Vdc LED traffic light, but are designed to perfectly complement iControls®'s TL96-LV LED Stop and Go Traffic Lights (sold separately).


  • 2 Years

Installation and Support