Traffic Lights Communication Packages

Traffic control is an important component in the safety of your loading dock. To help ensure that safety, we offer a Manual Traffic Light Communication Package that provides reliable visual communication between truck drivers, forklift operators and other loading dock employees. With the flick of a switch, change the inside LED traffic light to red and the exterior to green, or vice versa. This simple installation will greatly help with the avoidance of the untimely entry of forklifts, or early departure of trucks/trailers from the loading area.

LED Traffic Light Communication Package

Each package contains one interior (Control) LED traffic light with a two-position (red-green) or three-position toggle switch (red-off-green). The control unit can alternately be provided without a manual switch for ‘auto’ switching from sensor or relay. Also included is an exterior (drone) LED traffic light along with all mounting gaskets and installation instructions. Manufactured in Canada with long-lasting LEDs, these traffic light communication packages are available for 115Vac or for 12-24Vac/dc input. All 115Vac models bear electrical approval.


  • 2 Years

Installation and Support